Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's that time again! Time for Tuesday's Random Thoughts.
  • I cannot believe that it is the 1st of September already! Where has this year gone?? It seems like just yesterday when I was doing my spring cleaning and fall is here already!
  • How about this weather! It is wonderfully cool outside and I love it. My air is off and my windows are open. FRESH AIR AT LAST.
  • My little prince has learned so many new words in the past week. It is amazing to see how quickly he is picking things up. He is finally at a point where he is communicating with words, no just fussing. He is growing up too fast for mommy.
  • My little princess is going to be 3 in 16 more days! We are having her party at Build-A-Bear and she is super excited. To be honest, mommy is a little excited as well. This is going to be the smallest, cheapest party I have had for her and yet I think it will be one of the funest.
  • I cleaned out my children's downstairs toys last night to make room for birthday and Christmas presents. I still need to down size!
  • We are yard saling next Saturday and I have not even started going through the tons of stuff in my storage building! I guess I am going to have to get busy this week and next.
  • We are leaving for the mountains on Friday and I cannot wait. I am going to spend 4 days relaxing on the island listening to the creek run. This is my favorite place in the world to be.
  • I took my first quis in English today and I got a 100%. YEAH!
  • I took my first test in Biology yesterday and I am pretty sure I got a B on it. Not so yeah, was really wanting an A. Oh, well, I tried.
  • My car is not running - yet again. I believe I have a dead battery this time, last time it was the radiator needing to be flushed. But, it is paid for! So I try not to complain toooo much.
  • I need to go and pick up my prescription and check my post office box today. I have not checked my mail since Saturday. Not that I am expecting anything wonderful. Probably just a box full of love letters (bills).
  • I have an assignment to write a descriptive paragraph. No more than 150 words and it has to be completely objective. I have to pick something simple, like a pencil, a leaf or a toothpick. Can we say BORING! I love to write, but I prefer more interesting topics and more room for subjectivity.


blueviolet said...

Don't you love the windows being open? I just want to stand there and breathe in that freshness!

Although last night I was freezing in bed! I'm gonna have to give up the short sleeves at night and break out the warmer pj's.

I didn't realize Build-A-Bear was an inexpensive way to have a party? I would have thought just the opposite.

Enjoy your trip to the mountains!!

Casey said...

It is nice when they stop screaming and start talking. When exactly will that happen?

I'm waiting for that cool weather to make it's way down to FL. It was hot here today.

Sarah said...

you should pick tampon, or condom.... I'm just sayin... that'd be less boring + you'd throw in the shock factor.