Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wife, Mom to 3 & COLLEGE STUDENT ~ All-In-1

Yes, to everyone that does not know me personally, I am a college Freshman AGAIN! Along with my other 4 full-time jobs (JOB 1 - Wife, JOB 2 - My 16 yr old, JOB 3 - My soon to be 3 yr old, and JOB 4 - My 16 month old). Can we say "I am asking for punishment"!

This was my first week of school and after being out of the loop from work and society for the past 16 months, I think I adapted pretty well. I managed to get out of bed early enough to get myself and the household moving for the day, drink my coffee (a staple in my life these days), get to class ON TIME, stay awake in each class, take some damn good notes, complete multiple homework assignments, regsiter with my on-line classes and actually figure out what the hell I am suppose to do in them. So I would say that I did pretty good for someone who graduated many, many moons ago.

I have to say, I have been extremely impressed with my professors! They are all HARDCORE, but the are very upfront about it. My English teacher especially. She wants what she wants, when she wants it and the way that she wants it. No if's, and's or buts about it. She does not tolerate being late or absent and if you are absent, well you get a 0 for any quizes and assignments for that day. There is no making things up and there is NO EXTRA CREDIT! Hard, yes, but I like her. I have no problem with her rules and actually appreciate her boldness.

I am really looking forward to the next 2 years and all of the challenges that I am facing. I have always been the type of person to enjoy learning and school and love it when someone or something stimulates my brain. You know, it is a muscle that everyone should use because all to many of the people of the world have lost a portion of theirs (HA HA HA).

To make all this even more humorous, my mother is attending college with me. She is even in the same program, BioTechnology. Hell, we even have 4 classes together! Yet another twist, my brother just started at the same college. Luckily he is in a different program so I do not have to study with him as well. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother ~ but my mother and my brother as study partners ~ just a little to much family fondness for me.

Well, I am off to study my math and see how many of my on-line assignments I can complete before my brain freezes for the week! Wish me luck!