Saturday, August 29, 2009

Small talk Six - School Time

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Six things that you loved and/or hated about school! Post your 6 with a word, sentence, phrase or even a photo. Just as long as you post!

I am going to cheat a little on this one and make this a two-part post. 1st I am posting a High School list and 2nd I am posting a College list. Sorry, but there was a huge difference in my high school days and my past college/present college days!

6 Things I Loved/Hated About High School
1. I hated getting up so early in the morning.

2. I loved spending time with my friends.3. I hated homework.

4. I loved getting to go to football games.

5. I hated trying to get from one class to the other in 5 minutes. Which included trying to go by my locker, go to the bathroom and all before the tardy bell rang!

6. I loved going to the dances.

6 Things I Loved/Hated About College

1. I love getting up in the mornings

2. I hate the traffic in the parking lot! When everyone drives and there are limited parking spaces, parking can be a little hectic.

3. I actually enjoy my homework (it makes a huge difference when you are learning about something you really like).

4. I hate having so many textbooks to carry around and lockers not being an option!

5. I love that my mother is in all of my classes (my face-to-face classes that is).
6. I hate my on-line classes!


Sarah said...

I swear. I still look like that at breakfast in the morning.... like "dear God - please just more sleep".... HA.