Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Random Thoughts for the day, where shall I start and how many should I list???? Well lets see, I shall type until the kids need me. So this may be short or it may be long!

  • My soon-to-be 3 year old knows the words to songs on the radio better than I do. She asked me the other day to play the "fire, fire, fire" song. I had no clue what she was talking about. That was until she started singing "shortly fire burning on the dance floor". I could not help but laugh at her, it was sooo cute!

  • I got on my schools website today to look up some upcoming dates, what a joke, if I were attending school last fall I would have been in business. They still have last years dates posted. And not just on the colleges main site, my on-line course teachers have yet to update their dates for posts! On one of my professors sites she has things dated 2005. Can we please get with the right year!

  • We leave for the Mountains next weekend and I cannot wait! I love the mountains in the fall.

  • My son is 16 months old now and is into everything. He climbs like a monkey! I turned my back for a second today and when I turned around he was sitting on top of the kitchen table. Would not worry to much about it, but we have a high-top type of table, guess it is time to move the chairs out to the building!

  • Why is it that men seem to be able to function just fine in the real world by themselves UNTIL the day you marry them! Then they resort to being toddlers again. If you are hungry, open the fridge - get out some lunch meat - grab the bread - AND MAKE A SANDWICH FOR YOURSELF! Do not call me and tell me that you are starving and ask when I will be home to make it for you. PLEASE, I am your wife, not your mother!

  • My daughter has started trying to dress herself and while she does pretty good with matching up her outfits (which I try to put outfits together in her drawer to make this easier on her), she never seems to be able to put her pants and/or shirts on right side. And for some strange reason, she never feels the need to put her undies on!

Ok, time to feed the little ones! Enough for me for today, check out Sarah at Mostly BassAckward and The Un Mom for some more randomness!


Sarah said...

I think it's a class the men take.... I know what u mean... lol

happy RTT!