Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I have a lot of Random Thoughts in my head, but not sure I can put them all into words right now! Just finished my 2nd day of college after 17 years of being out of high school. My brain is in overload mode at the moment.

  • Our school AC has been out for the past 2 days. For me, this is the closest thing to hell I hope to ever endure! I have horrible hot flashes and almost stripped to my undies yesterday. Not sure that would go over very well with my professors.
  • My little man gets his stiches out in less than an hour. Not really looking forward to this appointment.
  • My little lady starts dance class tonight. She loves her teacher (she has the same teacher as she did in dance camp). Hope she does ok with me leaving, she is not fond of being away from mommy!
  • Getting out of the car this morning to go to class was a little weird - my mother, my brother and myself all rode to school together. YES, we are all in college together. This was definately a first for me. Actually, my mother and I have 4 classes together! She and my brother have 1 class together. So I can imagine how it feels for her!

Well, time to take my little man to the doctor. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


Sarah said...

cant wait to see more pics of Lexi in her class!

Captain Dumbass said...

Classes with your mother and brother? Not sure I could handle that.