Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Madness - Back to School Tomorrow

Well guys, it's Monday and as always it has been a very crazy day! I had classes from 8 am until 2:30 pm which made for a very long day when I did not get much sleep last night. Oh well, maybe tonight will be better.

Tomorrow morning my 16 year old starts back to school. She is going to be a junior, A JUNIOR, I cannot believe it! It does not seem that long ago since I was walking her into her first day of Kindergarden. So this afternoon, after my classes, we headed out for some last minute back to school shopping! I was shocked, the stores are almost empty! Luckily we only needed a couple more packs of paper and some clothing items. 1 trip to Walmart and 1 trip to Old Navy later and I have very little sanity left!