Wednesday, August 26, 2009

High School Daze Again

Ms. Brittany started back to school yesterday. She is now a junior now at Jesse C. Carson High School. I cannot believe my baby will be leaving for college in just 2 short years! Where has the time gone?

She was sooo excited yesterday morning. When we got to the school and she went to get out of my car, she turned around and told me "I am so glad that school is back in". This made my day! I truly love the fact that she is thrilled about this school year. In years past she has always dreaded the first day and in return, mom dreaded it as well!

When I picked her up from school she was going a million miles an hour...she loves her teachers...loves her classes...loves her lunch block...has classes with some of her friends and so on!

She and her best friend have lunch together and this is the first time since elementary school they have gotten this lucky!


Sarah said...

hard to believe I remember her in diapers........ OH MAN I'M OLD!!! dont tell anyone!

Laura Stiller said...

Thanks for your comment - I'm thrilled that the McClures loved their pictures! If we ever get up to NC we'll schedule a photoshoot. My aunt lives in Asheville (are you near there?) and we use to visit her several times a year when we lived in Greenville, SC - it's a BEAUTIFUL part of the country.

Julie@Momspective said...

My best friend is getting married and her mom is throwing her BACHELORETTE party at Build a bear! It's crazy!