Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Savings

We played sleepy heads this morning, no one stirring, no even a mouse until after 9 am this morning. And boy was it nice!

Once we got up and moving we headed out for breakfast and then off to Concord Mills to window shop. I actually like to go and just walk around with the babies. It gets us out of the house and gets me some exercise. And the little ones like it because they get to go and play in the veggies.

Anyway, while we were there, I stopped and talked to a gentleman from The Charlotte Observer about subscribing to the Sunday paper (for the coupons). I was shocked when he told me the price difference between getting just weekend deliveries and getting a 7-day a week deliver.

So let me break down the costs from purchasing on Sundays at a vending machine, getting weeekend deliveries and full week deliveries:

Sunday Paper Only (vending machine): $2.00 (total monthly cost $8)
Weekend Only (delivered): $13.00 monthly
7-Days a Week (delivered): $11.00 monthly

Now, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out which is cheaper. But there are a few things that I did not know:

First, the Sunday papers that are delivered have more coupon inserts than the ones that are in the vending machines; and

Second, there are coupons in the Wednesday paper!

So, while purchasing from a machine on Sunday is the cheapest per month cost, when you factor in your time to go and get it, the gas you use driving there and all the coupons you miss out on! No surprise, I signed up for the 7-Day a Week delivery!

I also received a $10 gift card to A.C. Moore (which I shop at pretty frequently for arts & crafts supplies) and I received todays paper for FREE!

If you are a couponer like myself, check with your local paper and see what kind of deals they have. You might just find that it is easier to kick back at home on Sunday mornings and read the paper in your jammies!