Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to Basics - A Little Reality Check

I have an old and dear friend and her family staying with me this week and it has really made me think about a lot of things. She and her new husband were trucking along in life and doing very well for themselves when he was laid off from work. He lost a high paying job and has been unable to find something paying anywhere near what he was making. He has taken a job, with a huge pay cut!

They have recently been a motorcycle accident that took him out of work for a couple more weeks. They are both recovering as the wreck was no where near as bad as it could have been! And they had God on their side!

Due to all this, they lost their home. This has had a huge impact on not only them, but their 4 children. Layoffs and home loss are hard on adults, but image the children who do not understand any of it!

They have found another home to move into but it having a little remodeling done before the landlord will allow them to move in.

Seeing their family and what they are going through has really made me think about a lot of things. I have tried sooo hard for the past few years to give my children any and everything within my power, I have showered them with gifts, bought so high dollar brand name items for them and even though I have been frugal about it by buying things at consignment stores and on craigslist, I have really come to realize that my children do not need anywhere near as much I have given them.

I watched my children playing last night and they were having a blast, not with the toys that I have bought but with simple things like the boxes from the rice we ate, my measuring cups, and other basic household things. My son gets more pleasure from riding on my vaccum cleaner than anything else in the world (other than being outside of course)!

I have played the "Keeping up with the Jones's" for all too long now and I am done! I am happy with living a little more basic. Besides, we live in an area where there are so many things for my kids to enjoy outside without having to start the car. We have chickens, goats, cows and dogs to play with. We have a Kawasaki Mule and a 4 Wheeler to ride around on. We have 4 pools to splash in, 4 swing sets to swing on, 9 children to play with (mine included) and lots more! There is a childrens paradise right outside my door! And it is all FREE!
You know, we all live above our means even if it is just a little bit, and why? Who are we pleasing by doing so? We had already cut back a lot over the past year and a half due to me deciding to stay home after my son was born, but I realized this week that there is still a lot more we can cut out that will really not affect our lives in any way other than saving some money. So, sorry everyone, this is one less family that will be spending money on things we do not need.

Thanks for listening as I bring my life back to basics!