Friday, July 31, 2009

Tacky Day at Dance Camp

Meant to upload this and post it yesterday but the day got away from me fast. We have family visiting from Minnesota and my days have been a little bit full.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Build A Bear August Deals

As my close friends know, I am having Alexis's 3rd birthday party at Build A Bear, so I have been keeping up with their deals. And boy do they have a good one going for the month of August. You get to pick any bear, and hanging outfit and any shoes for $29.99. Considering the fact that most of the bears cost half that, this is an awesome deal!

Click HERE for more details.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dance Camp - Silly Hat Day

Ok, as promised, I took some pictures for Silly Hat Day. Sorry, but they are not the best. The subject was not being very cooperative! She was mad at me and would not give me a pretty smile!


My moma passed her State Board Exam!! WAY TO GO MOM!

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Since this is the first time I have participated in Random Tuesday Thoughts, I am not sure how many thoughts I will be able to put into words. Don't get me wrong, I have ten billion thoughts rolling around in my head 24 hours a day! Just don't always have the ability to write them down without confusing myself. Must be old age (ha ha ha)!

Once you are done checking out some of my crazy thoughts, visit my girl Sarah at Mostly BassAckwards and Julie at MomSpective for a really big fix of Random Thoughts!

  • My daughter is in Dance Camp this week and todays theme was Silly Hat Day. Simple enough, NOT. I use to have a ton of funny hats around the house, but my new declutter plan I have gotten rid of so many things. My silly hats being one of those things! So, why is it that you never need things when you have them, but get rid of them and boy do you realize why you held on to them.
  • My 16 year old can remember every word to ever song she hears, but cannot seem to remember anything important. TEENAGERS!
  • My husband left the window down in his truck all night last night ~ boy is his seat soaked. HA HA HA!
  • My car needs to be washed, has not been cleaned in months. Since March to be exact.
  • I cleaned for hours on Saturday and my house already looks like a pig pen! And I promise I have done several quick cleans since.
  • My mother is taking her State Board Certification for Pharmacy Tech this morning and I am praying she passes, at $129 a pop, boy I hope she passes.
  • I start college at 34 years old in 3 weeks, cannot wait but nervous as HELL at the same time.
  • My babies are pretty darn cute. I know, every mom thinks their kids are cute, but right now my son is playing and does not realize that I am watching him. The expressions on his face are priceless. Now why can't he make those faces when I have my camera in hand?????

Well that is enough randomness for 1 week, see you again next week ~ same place ~ same time!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tiara Art Project

We went lookinng for a silly hat for Alexis to wear to Dance Camp tomorrow and had very little luck, but we were fortunate that a friend had a hat we could borrow.

While we were on the hat hunt, I came accross a tiara art set and decided to bring it home for a quick and easy art project for today. We made 6 tiara's and the kids had a great time decorating them.

And the best part about this art project, I spent less than $5 for everything we used!

Dance Camp Time Again

We are in the second round of Dance Camp for the summer. Alexis was a little hesitant at first as I am a stay at home mom and she does not spend a lot of time away from me. But once she was in the class room, I peaked thru the doors and she was happy as can be!

This weeks schedule at Dance Camp:

Tuesday - Silly Hat Day
Wednesday - Camp Shirt Day
Thursday - Tacky Day

I will post pictures of each day. I look forward to Tacky Day! Still have not decided what she will wear.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great Cosmetics at a Great Price

I have purchased a couple of projects and they are great for the price! Pretty much everything they offer is only $1.

And as if that was not a good enough deal, when you order you'll automatically get a free subscription to Shape magazine with any $20 order (a $10 value).

Then to top off an already GREAT DEAL, you can add one of these offers:

~2SHIP - $2 shipping on orders of $25
~EGBRONZA - free bronzer wristlet, studio line bronzer, blushing, bronzing and blending brush with $10+ order
~EGBANGLE - 3 free bangles with any $20+ purchase
~SHADES - free aviator sunglasses with any $25+ purchase

Addition to the Family

Today we welcomed a new family member, Hannah Miley Montana!

Sunday Savings

We played sleepy heads this morning, no one stirring, no even a mouse until after 9 am this morning. And boy was it nice!

Once we got up and moving we headed out for breakfast and then off to Concord Mills to window shop. I actually like to go and just walk around with the babies. It gets us out of the house and gets me some exercise. And the little ones like it because they get to go and play in the veggies.

Anyway, while we were there, I stopped and talked to a gentleman from The Charlotte Observer about subscribing to the Sunday paper (for the coupons). I was shocked when he told me the price difference between getting just weekend deliveries and getting a 7-day a week deliver.

So let me break down the costs from purchasing on Sundays at a vending machine, getting weeekend deliveries and full week deliveries:

Sunday Paper Only (vending machine): $2.00 (total monthly cost $8)
Weekend Only (delivered): $13.00 monthly
7-Days a Week (delivered): $11.00 monthly

Now, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out which is cheaper. But there are a few things that I did not know:

First, the Sunday papers that are delivered have more coupon inserts than the ones that are in the vending machines; and

Second, there are coupons in the Wednesday paper!

So, while purchasing from a machine on Sunday is the cheapest per month cost, when you factor in your time to go and get it, the gas you use driving there and all the coupons you miss out on! No surprise, I signed up for the 7-Day a Week delivery!

I also received a $10 gift card to A.C. Moore (which I shop at pretty frequently for arts & crafts supplies) and I received todays paper for FREE!

If you are a couponer like myself, check with your local paper and see what kind of deals they have. You might just find that it is easier to kick back at home on Sunday mornings and read the paper in your jammies!

Wordless Wednesdays

Ok, I am going to be new to this starting this week!

So check back and see what amazing pictures I can take of my family being crazy as usual.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Small Talk Six Saturdays - Skills I Wish I Had

OK this is the first time I have participated in Small Talk Six, especially on a Saturday. Got the idea thru a friend, but if you would like to participate check out MomDot.

1. I wish I could Sing. I cannot carry a tune in a bucket. Don't get me wrong, it does not stop me from trying. I go down the road singing like I'm Mariah Carey!

2. I wish I could play piano. I took lessons for a while and can play basic songs, but I wish I could play like Mozart.

3. I wish I could clean like Samantha, just wiggle my nose and BAM its done!

4. I wish I could make things out of wood, like book shelves, tables, dressers, etc. I do good now to cut a straight line.

5. I wish I could draw. I can come up with some cool art projects but cannot draw much better than a 1st grader.

6. I wish I could decorate a cake. I can bake it, I can icing it, but that is it. No further skills than that!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My New Photos

I have been playing with some photo editing software to see what I can do, and while I am no where near as good as my friend Sarah @ Mostly Bass Ackwards, I am learning a little at a time!

Here are a couple of pictures that I was playing with tonight. Let me know what you think!

Great Photo Editing by A Great Friend

Thanks Sarah!

Heart Wrenching Movies That Hit Close To Home

Last night my oldest daughter and I went to see "My Sister's Keeper." When we decided to see it I had no idea the effect it would have over me. I cried and cried and cried!

This movie really hit home. Even though it is about losing a child, I could not help but think about Susan, Tom and Katie (friends thru a friend who are facing serious health problems for both mom and dad and Katie is only 3). I also thought about Sarah, Jonathon, Ezra and Jesse (a life long friend and her husband who both have health problems and their young boys). It really made me think about my family.

We have lost 4 family members and 1 really close friend in the past 6 years. And while the Christian side of me knows they are in a better place, the human side of me still misses each of them. And while the Christian side of me knows that death is a part of life, I have found myself questioning God and how he could let these kind of things happen.

The other day, I hit my lowest point in a long time and had been questioning my faith. I just happened to turn the radio to 91.9 and this woman was sharing some thoughts and one thing she said really made me stop and realize that she is right. I have questioned my faith and questioned how God could stand by and not stop all the bad things from happening, but what she said opened my eyes and answered my questions. She said "God created a perfect world and gave it to us that way, he also gave us free will, and we are the ones that turned that perfect world into the world we know today, not God!" It is funny how that one sentence changed my way of thinking!

I do not understand why we loose loved ones or why young children have to suffer such horrible diseases. What I do know is that God is not the one who did this to our world and I do know that God is the only one who can give us back that perfect world. But he is not going to give that to us until we prove to him that we are worthy.

Watching this movie last night made me think about even more things. I know that I am going through a lot of family drama and I know that I have been feeling down because of it. But I realized last night that my family has been blessed. I have 3 wonderful and healthy children. And no amount of family drama can take that away from me. And my 3 wonderful children need me and my emotions at their best. So they are going to get it!

Like I told a friend last night, I am drained from my family drama. I am not giving up, but I am stopping it! I will be glad to say "YOU WIN" and move on with my life. Because, in reality, I am the one who really wins! It is no longer about trying to prove that I am right or that my children and I deserve to be treated better, it is about knowing that I am doing the right thing and that I am the bigger person.

Do not get me wrong, I am not writing off my family. I am not that kind of person. But instead of beating myself up over the family drama, I am going to pray for them and let God take the drivers seat in my life. After all, I have speed out of control and had my share of bump-ups. With him at the wheel, my life cannot go wrong!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great Photo, Great Editing, Great Friend

Lexi Lou

Britt Bratt

Nick Nack

I have a friend, well she has been like my little sister for about 25 years now, who does an awesome job with photo taking as well as editing! She asked me tonight to send her some pix of the little ones so that she could show me some new photo editing techniques that she had learned and boy are the amazing.
So, I feel the need to show them off and give her a big "GREAT JOB!" Thanks Sarah!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Ties That Break Little Hearts

I have been going thru some things with my in-laws for the past 3 years now and just when I thought that things were getting better, boy did I get slapped in the face all over again.

My sister-in-law has a daughter that is 10 months older than my daughter. While I worked (before my son was born last April), my mother-in-law kept both the girls. Now, I am a stay at home mom, my mother-in-law acts like she only has 1 grandchild. At first I did not let it bother me. But here lately my daughter has started asking me questions about why Mawmaw and Pawpaw take Savannah with them all the time and she cannot go.

I told my husband that I would not say anything or blow up with his mother until it became an issue with my children noticing things. And even though I have tried to hide as much as possible from them, we live 3 houses down from them and it is painfully obvious to my children (more so my daughter than my son as he is only 15 months old).

To make things even worse, now they have started to lie to us about taking her on vacations. I called my mother-in-law this morning to ask her about something and she informed me that they were on their way to the beach to get away for a couple of days. I was shocked since we were suppose to yard sale together this weekend, but figured she had been working hard and needed to get away. Not 15 minutes later I find out that my neice is accompanying them. This is about the 6th or 7th beach trip they have taken with her and several trips to the mountains as well. Never has my daughter been asked to go! And this time my daughter found out because we stopped by my sister-in-laws to pick up my older neice and the cat was let out of the bag.

So now I am faced with a dilema. How do I handle this. My mother-in-law is a very ALL ABOUT ME person. It is her way or no way. She even treats her husband as though he is a dog on a leash. And while I want to stand up for my children, I do not want to cause a family feud. I just want them to treat the grandchildren fairly. And if they cannot treat them fairly, I do not want them to be a part of my childrens lives!

My husband has always been second best to his sister with his parents, his grandfather always picked up the slack because it was soooo obvious. Now his grandfather is gone and it has been hard on him the past 3 years because he feels like he has no one there for him except for me. And I understand exactally how he feels, my mother has always been all about my brother and then I got what was left, only difference is that I did not have anyone to pick up the slack. But I have dealt with it my entire life so I am a little more use to it.

I do not want my children to go thru life feeling second best to anyone, especially other family members. I treat each of my 3 children the same! They are all special in their own way and I cannot for the life of me understand anyone seeing their children or grandchildren in any other way.

As a mother, it kills me to see my child crying over something they should not ever experience. And of course, when I get sad for my child, I get mad as well! I am already a person who finds it very hard to bite my tongue, I usually speak my mind and speak it very boldly. So this situation is really stressing me out. Like I said earlier on in the post, I do not want to start a family war, but at the same time I know that I need to address the situation.

I am going to pray about this for the next couple of days and avoid seeing or speaking with them until I calm down a little and feel I can handle the situation in the most effect manner. I would appreciate any prayers from others to help me maintain my cool and be the bigger person in all this!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to Basics - A Little Reality Check

I have an old and dear friend and her family staying with me this week and it has really made me think about a lot of things. She and her new husband were trucking along in life and doing very well for themselves when he was laid off from work. He lost a high paying job and has been unable to find something paying anywhere near what he was making. He has taken a job, with a huge pay cut!

They have recently been a motorcycle accident that took him out of work for a couple more weeks. They are both recovering as the wreck was no where near as bad as it could have been! And they had God on their side!

Due to all this, they lost their home. This has had a huge impact on not only them, but their 4 children. Layoffs and home loss are hard on adults, but image the children who do not understand any of it!

They have found another home to move into but it having a little remodeling done before the landlord will allow them to move in.

Seeing their family and what they are going through has really made me think about a lot of things. I have tried sooo hard for the past few years to give my children any and everything within my power, I have showered them with gifts, bought so high dollar brand name items for them and even though I have been frugal about it by buying things at consignment stores and on craigslist, I have really come to realize that my children do not need anywhere near as much I have given them.

I watched my children playing last night and they were having a blast, not with the toys that I have bought but with simple things like the boxes from the rice we ate, my measuring cups, and other basic household things. My son gets more pleasure from riding on my vaccum cleaner than anything else in the world (other than being outside of course)!

I have played the "Keeping up with the Jones's" for all too long now and I am done! I am happy with living a little more basic. Besides, we live in an area where there are so many things for my kids to enjoy outside without having to start the car. We have chickens, goats, cows and dogs to play with. We have a Kawasaki Mule and a 4 Wheeler to ride around on. We have 4 pools to splash in, 4 swing sets to swing on, 9 children to play with (mine included) and lots more! There is a childrens paradise right outside my door! And it is all FREE!
You know, we all live above our means even if it is just a little bit, and why? Who are we pleasing by doing so? We had already cut back a lot over the past year and a half due to me deciding to stay home after my son was born, but I realized this week that there is still a lot more we can cut out that will really not affect our lives in any way other than saving some money. So, sorry everyone, this is one less family that will be spending money on things we do not need.

Thanks for listening as I bring my life back to basics!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dropping Inches by the Day

Ok, as some of you know my daughter and I have been seeing a weight loss specialist for 10 days now and while it has been a big change getting use to the new eating habits and daily exercise,
I have already lost 15 pounds and my daughter has lost 17 pounds!!!
If you are truly interested in losing weight, check out Dr. Girouard's website and make and appointment. If you are not in the area, check out his program on line and find a doctor in your area that follows the same or a similar program.
I promise you will not be disappointed!