Sunday, June 28, 2009

June Wrap Up

OK, I have updated the site with some of our Summer Highlights.

Some other things have been going on, but no pictures so I will just post them here!

Brittany got her permit and is now driving, badly, but driving.

Alexis is not registered at Grace Bible for a K3 program this fall.

Nicholas is going to be spending some time with Doug's Mom on Mondays - Thursdays till around 3 each day.

And Mommy is heading back to school! I register tomorrow morning for the Biotech Program at RCCC. I took my entrance exam last week and after 17 years of being out of school, I actually aced the dang thing!

Doug has been doing a lot of hunting and fishing, they are on a 3 week shut down so he has a lot of free time on his hands right now.

We also had a unique trip to the coast, but I will have to elaborate on that in another blog (will also have to upload some pix of the reason for the trip). So come back later for the next update!

Hope everyone else is having a great summer and spending more time outside enjoying the summer instead of sitting inside hanging out on the computer!