Sunday, June 28, 2009

June Wrap Up

OK, I have updated the site with some of our Summer Highlights.

Some other things have been going on, but no pictures so I will just post them here!

Brittany got her permit and is now driving, badly, but driving.

Alexis is not registered at Grace Bible for a K3 program this fall.

Nicholas is going to be spending some time with Doug's Mom on Mondays - Thursdays till around 3 each day.

And Mommy is heading back to school! I register tomorrow morning for the Biotech Program at RCCC. I took my entrance exam last week and after 17 years of being out of school, I actually aced the dang thing!

Doug has been doing a lot of hunting and fishing, they are on a 3 week shut down so he has a lot of free time on his hands right now.

We also had a unique trip to the coast, but I will have to elaborate on that in another blog (will also have to upload some pix of the reason for the trip). So come back later for the next update!

Hope everyone else is having a great summer and spending more time outside enjoying the summer instead of sitting inside hanging out on the computer!

Dance Camp

Alexis attended dance camp this past week at Center Stage Dance Studio (where she will be taking ballet classes this fall). Alexis has had a ball. Each day they had a different activity (arts & crafts) as well as 2 dance classes.
Tuesday - Show & Tell
Wednesday - Camp Shirt Day
Thursday - Rock Star Day

Friday - Water Slide Day
I think Friday was everyones favorite day! But the kids looked awesome on Rock Star Day!!

Story Time

I signed Nicholas and Alexis both up for story time at our local library this year. Alexis has really enjoyed it, Nicholas is still not sure about the story time part of it but loves running around looking at the books.

They also have a play center in the childrens section with all the Doug & Melissa puzzles, which Nicholas loves.

The theme this year is "Be Creative At Your Library". Alexis's group is called the Dancers and Nicholas's group is called the Tumblers!

Splish Splash

After dinner at Doug's moms we pulled out her little pool for the kids to play in. Nicholas had a ball. He loves the water sooooo much!

Alexis and Savannah joined him for a little while but he ruled the pool!

The Rabbit

My sister-in-law bought her husband a beautiful rabbit for his birthday this year! So during one of our family get togethers we got to be entertained by the rabbit! HA HA HA!

All the rabbit did was lay around! I have never seen a rabbit out of a cage just lay there this calmly!

Build A Bear

We went to Concord Mills one day and ended up on the wrong side of the mall! Once my girls saw the Build-A-Bear store, that was it! We walked out with 3 new bears! A Hello Kitty for Brittany, a Hanna Montana for Alexis and a Monkey for Nicholas! And of course, they all had to have outfits and acccessories!

Brittany even got a bear for her Daddy for Father's Day!


Dan Nicholas Park

Every spring my husbands company has their family picnic at Dan Nicholas Park. This year was quite the adventure! We had been there less than an hour when Nicholas had a rash (about the size of a fifty cent piece) come up on his leg, then another one on the opposite leg. It kept getting worse and worse and after several calls to the doctors office and a million people looking at it, we ended up putting neosporin on it and giving him benadryl.
We stayed for a little longer so that Doug would not have to miss out on all the company events.
Before the craziness began, we did get a couple of pictures, so here they are...PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN WITH MY PHONE! So the quality is not the best.

Busy Bees

Have not updated the Blog in a while, been busy spending the summer on the go with the little ones. So, I am going to quickly post a few updates showing a little about what we have been doing and where we have been.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tickle My Tummy Tuesdays

My children never cease to amaze me! Just when I think I have seen it all, they do something that sends me rolling laughing!

My 16 year old started drivers education (the driving portion) yesterday. She came home this morning and informed me that the teacher only fussed at her 8 or 9 times, but she feels like she is doing a great job! She does not understand the concept of letting the steering wheel glide thru your hands when turning. She puts a death grip on the steering wheel and trys to turn it while holding her hands in the typical 10 and 2 position. It is the funniest driving I have ever seen and even funnier that she really does not understand why this does not work!

I have been trying to allow my 2 1/2 year old to play a role in her decision making. So instead of telling her what she is going to or not do, I give her 2 choices. When she offers a 3rd choice, I tell her "That is not an option". Never did I think she would turn that around on me. But she did. I was getting her ready to go and I told her to sit down so that I could fix her hair. She spun around and looked at me with the most serious face ever and said "That is just not an option Mommie". I laughed soo hard the I almost wet my pants!

My 13 month old has a nack for starring people down. My brother swears he is going to be one heck of a card player! But the funny part is how he does it. I drops his chin to his neck and cuts his eyes back up and does not blink for anything in this world! It is soo cute, I cannot help but laugh at him everytime he does it.

My children, they keep me on my toes! But I would not change them for the world.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blogger Slump

Sorry I have not been blogging alot lately, been spending more time outside with the babies rather than inside with the computer!

Hope to get back into the swing of things this week and take the computer outside with me a little bit!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I will be back soon!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm an Aunt Again!

Welcome Aiden Ryan!

Born May 24th at 8:06 a.m.
7 Pounds 5 Ounces
20 Inches long!

CONGRATS SIS! You did a great job, he is absolutely beautiful!