Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I have been waiting for 3 years now to get a good snow like we have tonight!

I am so excited about getting out and playing in it tomorrow. I know Alexis and Brittany are going to have a blast.
Poor Nicholas is still a bit too small to get out in it and really enjoy it with us, but his turn will come.
I have been watching it come down for 5 1/2 hours now and I just looked out my back door and had to take a couple of pictures. There is a tree right beside my patio that is completely bend over! The top is literally touching the ground. Part of my neighboors fence is down from the weight of the snow. Bet he will be pissed in the morning (ha, ha, ha - he is not the nicest neighbor - but his girlfriend is really sweet).

There has to be at around 3 inches out there already. They are saying that we will get 4-8 inches total. So things are looking good so far!