Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Need of Prayers

I received a phone call this evening from my aunt informing me that my cousin Jackie's, who I grew up with and now lives in Mass., oldest daughter, Sam, was in the hospital in ICU after a failed attempted suicide. I cried and cried because all I could think about was my oldest daughter and the fact that she has been so depressed lately.
Sam is 19 and a beautiful girl! She has 2 great parents and 3 younger siblings that love her very much. Unfortunately Sam has had some drug problems and has a boyfriend that likes to use her as his punching bag! Night before last he beat her up pretty bad and that is what set her off. She tried to cut her wrists but her mother was able to get the knife away from her and calm her down, or so she thought. After talking with Sam for a long while, the phone rang and her mother went downstairs to answer it. I am not sure how long she was on the phone as this was not a question that even crossed my mind when I received the call. But when she got back up stairs, Sam had locked herself in the bathroom and would not answer her mother. So she kicked in the door to find that Sam had hung herself. She tried to get her down but was not able and had to leave her to get a knife to cut her down.
Just before all this Sam had called her father and left him a message telling him that she loved him and that she wanted him to tell her siblings that she loved them and good-bye. He got this message before a call from her mother. So of course he was worried sick!
Luckily Sam is going to be ok. They are not sure as to the extent of damage that all this may have inflicked, BUT SHE IS GOING TO LIVE!
I know life is not always a fairly tale, but can someone please tell me how a person can reach a point in life where they cannot find enough good to keep them from spinning out of control and into the thought of wanting to commit suicide? I have been depressed before but I have never hit a point where I thought ending my life would be better than living it.
I feel so bad for Sam and her parents! And I cannot help but feel like hunting down her so called boyfriend and stomping his BUTT (to put it nicely)!
I would like to ask that everyone who is reading this post would please pray for Sam and her family. She needs God by her side right now as he is the one who can turn her life around!