Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Need of Prayers

I received a phone call this evening from my aunt informing me that my cousin Jackie's, who I grew up with and now lives in Mass., oldest daughter, Sam, was in the hospital in ICU after a failed attempted suicide. I cried and cried because all I could think about was my oldest daughter and the fact that she has been so depressed lately.
Sam is 19 and a beautiful girl! She has 2 great parents and 3 younger siblings that love her very much. Unfortunately Sam has had some drug problems and has a boyfriend that likes to use her as his punching bag! Night before last he beat her up pretty bad and that is what set her off. She tried to cut her wrists but her mother was able to get the knife away from her and calm her down, or so she thought. After talking with Sam for a long while, the phone rang and her mother went downstairs to answer it. I am not sure how long she was on the phone as this was not a question that even crossed my mind when I received the call. But when she got back up stairs, Sam had locked herself in the bathroom and would not answer her mother. So she kicked in the door to find that Sam had hung herself. She tried to get her down but was not able and had to leave her to get a knife to cut her down.
Just before all this Sam had called her father and left him a message telling him that she loved him and that she wanted him to tell her siblings that she loved them and good-bye. He got this message before a call from her mother. So of course he was worried sick!
Luckily Sam is going to be ok. They are not sure as to the extent of damage that all this may have inflicked, BUT SHE IS GOING TO LIVE!
I know life is not always a fairly tale, but can someone please tell me how a person can reach a point in life where they cannot find enough good to keep them from spinning out of control and into the thought of wanting to commit suicide? I have been depressed before but I have never hit a point where I thought ending my life would be better than living it.
I feel so bad for Sam and her parents! And I cannot help but feel like hunting down her so called boyfriend and stomping his BUTT (to put it nicely)!
I would like to ask that everyone who is reading this post would please pray for Sam and her family. She needs God by her side right now as he is the one who can turn her life around!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Fireman in the Making

Ok, we are having Nicholas's 1st birthday party at the fire department so I decided to take some pictures of him in the truck and on the truck with his Papa Robbie and Pawpaw Johnny's fire hats with him. I am using one of them for his birthday party invitations.

Rompy Class Pictures

Lexi Check-Up

Alexis went for a well check-up Friday before last and I could not pass up taking a couple of pictures of her in the hospital gown that they gave her. It was sooo cute!

More Sweet Sixteen Pix

Brittany's Sweet Sixteen

I lived thru a weekend at the beach with a group of 16 & 17 year olds. I am sooo the MAN! And to be honest, I was not as bad as I thought it would be. The girls were great!
Brittany had a great birthday and it is the talk of the school once again! Every year Brittany's birthday parties are a big deal! Everyone wants to be invited and afterwards everyone talks about them for months.

Here are a couple of pix!

Busy Busy Bee

OK, I have been slack about my family blog and I know it. Sorry but life has had me going in other directions for a couple of weeks.

For those of you who do not know it already, I had to put Yaya into a nursing home. She got so bad off that she could not even walk on her own and with 2 little ones I was no longer able to take care of her in the manner in which she needed. She is in a great nursing home, THANK GOODNESS! She has a great roommate and hopefully things will be good for her.

Also, Alexis and Nicholas have both had ear infections and Nicholas has cut 3 teeth in the past week. So they have both been a little more clingy an have wanted Mommy's constant attention.
So, once again, I am sorry for it taking me so long to get on here and update everyone, but my schedule has been a little full!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Day of Remembrance & Sadness

One year ago today 2 of our community fireman, both friends of my husband and his family lost their lives on a fire call to a local building.

I will never forget that day. I was at work when I heard the news and I cannot explain the feeling when I spoke to my mother-in-law and she said that she could not get in touch with Johnny (my father-in-law and another community fireman). My heart sank into my stomach. All we knew was that 2 fireman had fallen and nothing more. We did not even know if he was on the call. For a couple of hours we all sat in fear until the names of the 2 fireman were released -Victor Isler and Justin Monroe had died in the line of duty!

I remember feeling relieved and and sad all at the same time.

Today, we will all relive this day as they pay a tribute to our fallen firefighters. And once again we will hear the “Ringing of the Bell”. The fire bell will chime five times, in three distinct sets, signifying the “last return home”. This is a sound that anyone who has attended a service for a fellow fireman can never forget. After losing my step-father several years ago (also a firefighter) and hearing the "Ringing of the Bell" and the words that followed, "Robert Lee James Jr. your tour of duty is over, job well done. It is a sound that will forever touch my heart.

I would like to say, to their family and friends, that even though a year has passed, I know that their pain and sadness will remain for a lifetime and they are in my thoughts and prayers for that lifetime as well. May God bless you all!

Justin and Vic, you will both be remembered for rendering the ultimate sacrifice of giving your life for that of another and caring so much for people you didn't even know!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I have been waiting for 3 years now to get a good snow like we have tonight!

I am so excited about getting out and playing in it tomorrow. I know Alexis and Brittany are going to have a blast.
Poor Nicholas is still a bit too small to get out in it and really enjoy it with us, but his turn will come.
I have been watching it come down for 5 1/2 hours now and I just looked out my back door and had to take a couple of pictures. There is a tree right beside my patio that is completely bend over! The top is literally touching the ground. Part of my neighboors fence is down from the weight of the snow. Bet he will be pissed in the morning (ha, ha, ha - he is not the nicest neighbor - but his girlfriend is really sweet).

There has to be at around 3 inches out there already. They are saying that we will get 4-8 inches total. So things are looking good so far!

Buiding a Boat

Doug's cousin, Danny, has been working on building a boat so Doug and some others all went over there today. Well after he had been gone for about 3 hours, I called him to see when he was planning to come home because Alexis wanted her daddy.

So he came and got her and took her back over there with him. She had a great time. She got to see her Mamaw and Papaw and she got to play in the boat to be.

I had Doug take my little camera with him so that he could take some pictures. He is not a camera person, so these are not the best pictures, but he did his best.

Sunday Fun Without The Sun

Since there was no get outside and play time today (due to all the wind, rain and sleet) we decided to have inside play time.

I bought a bubble maker at Target about 3 weeks ago and my children absolutely love it! It was on sale for $8.88 and it came with the batteries and the bubbles. What a steal for something that my children love so much.

We have bubble time everyday, a couple of times a day. It only lasts for about a minute. But today we had a big bubble session! My 2 1/2 year old danced and played and my 10 month old crawled around chasing the bubbles.