Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Room Crafts With Brittany

We have been working on closing in our garage for my oldest a new bedroom and we are in the final stages. We just have one last coat of paint on the walls, touch up paint on the ceiling, trim around the window and carpet to be installed.

It won't be long now. I am hoping to have the carpet installed by next Friday and Brittany completely in the new room by the following Monday. That way I can start painting her old room for the little ones and have them completely moved in by the following weekend.

I look forward to reclaiming some space in my house and giving Alexis and Nicholas a better play room.

Anyway, Brittany went with a bold color for her walls so we are having to make a duvet cover for her bed (king size comforters do not have a lot for teenagers) and we also decided to do some art for the walls. So these are a couple of our craft projects that we have worked on this week.

I will post pictures of the duvet cover as we are makig it later. As well as a complete set of instructions.