Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Life at Home

We have been cooped up at home since Sunday only leaving when it is absolutely necessary. With Nicholas being sick so much I decided it was time to break the cycle. No on in or out of the house that does not have to be. And if someone goes out, when they come back in I am making them change their shirt, washing their hands and lower arms and then use hand sanitizer before they do anything else.

All toys are being bleached/Lysoled each night and bed are being striped each day and sheets washed in hot bleach water.

I keep rubbing hand sanitizer on Alexis and Nicholas's little hands and not allowing them to be in each others faces. That way they cannot pass any germs between the two of them.

If this does not work, I GIVE UP! I have never swept and mopped and vaccumed and wiped down my house so many times a day! I have done it at least once every other hour since Monday and let me tell you, it can get exhausting fast!

BUT...on a brighter note, Nicholas has transitioned back into his crib with no problems (3 nights and counting), Alexis has moved from co-sleeping since birth to her bed for 85% of the night (3 nights as well) and potty training has become a full time job. Alexis is practically begging to go to the potty now. She even woke up early this morning and called for me to come in her room, when I went in, she said "I need to go pee in the potty mommy". I was soo proud of her. It is one thing to tell me during the day, but it is a totally different thing to wake up to use the bathroom. She even goes on her own and tries to clean herself up. She still needs a lot of help in that area, but the fact that she is attempting to do it for herself just tells me even more that she is really getting the potty training down pat! I just hope that Nicholas follows her lead.

That is about all that has been happening around our house this week. I have taken a couple of pictures (above), nothing special, just hanging out at the house.