Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Little Hunter Brittany

Brittany went hunting with her father this evening and she killed 2 bucks, a 6 Pointer and a Spike (which was just as big in the body as the 6 Pointer). She was so excited, but I think Doug was more excited than anyone. Within minutes of her shooting them, the entire world knew about it. So we have had a long night of tagging deer, having pictures made with deer, talking about deer and cleaning deer. So much for a quiet night at Mamaw's house for dinner, sorry Peggy!

No, all the guys were in heaven tonight! Doug, Johnny, Danny, Jeff, James and Jim (by phone from work) were all in their element because they had deer to talk about. I am not sure what is so fasicnating to them about it and why one is any different than the others but everytime a deer is killed they all congragate to talk about it. So the women, Mamaw, Peggy, Rita, Ashley, Alexis, Savannah and myself all get to go take pictures and then sit in the house and be happy that the guys are out of our hair for a little while.