Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Preparation

In preparation for Christmas I decided to get rid of some unneeded clutter in our home. I started in Alexis and Nicholas's room and cleaned our all their clothes that do not fit and some toys that we had duplicates of or ones that they had just plain outgrown. I took 3 diaper boxes of toys and clothes to a consignment store (Puddle Jumpers) and also filled a HUGE plastic tub full. And when I say huge, I mean huge. This tub is the size of 2 normal tubs. So the little ones are ready for the Christmas presents to fill their room back up.

Brittany and Ashley did not really have much to get rid of because we just did a clean out of their room and closet about 2 weeks ago. Everything else that we need to get our of their room will go next week, after we get the storage building moved on Saturday.

After we finished all this, I had had enough with being in the house! We have been stuck in the house since Sunday evening, except for doctors appointments and going to pick up medicine, and I was ready to get out. So we all loaded up in the car. We stopped by to see Doug before we left and right as we went to pull out Alexis asked to stay at her Mamaw's house so she could play with Savannah. So I pull back to my mother-in-laws house and dropped her off. We ended up making a trip to Kohl's were we finished Christmas shopping for all of Brittany's friends and I picked up a couple gifts for people that I did not really intend to buy for, but felt quilty about the fact that they were going to be at the family Christmas and I have never been one to leave someone out (i.e. Sammy's girlfriend, Moma's boyfriend's daughter). I also felt the need to buy Brittany and Ashley a couple more things from Santa and I bought myself a pair of shoes.

When we got home we fixed dinner, ate, cleaned up the kitchen, gave the little ones their baths and while they played we worked on wrapping a couple of the gifts and getting a couple more in boxes and ready to be wrapped. I am loving this year, it is only November 20th and I AM DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! WHOOOOO! While I love to shop, what woman doesn't, with a soon to be 7 month old, a 2 year old, a 15 year old and a 18 year old, shopping is a little hard. Plus it can get expensive if you try to go and buy it all at one time. So, I shop all year. I watch sales and when I can catch things at a good price, I buy them.

I got a little upset about Christmas presents this year though, I had bought Brittany and Ashley their Winter Formal dresses and the mathcing jewelry as one of their big Christmas presents and the school decided to move Winter Formal from the end of January to December 13th. So I had to give the girls their dresses early. Another bad part about it was that last week Kohl's had a 50-60% off sale and I had a 20% off coupon as well. They had all their formal dresses on sale for $30 or less and with the 20% off coupon they were a steal. So, I bought each of Brittany and Ashley's girlfriends their Winter Formal dresses and Brittany and Ashley bought them the matching earrings. Now we are having to give all the girls their Christmas presents early as well.