Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boiling Point Venting

I am going to vent in this blog, sorry, but I have to do it!

First of all, I asked someone a question last night. About something that I had heard them say not an hour before and they bold faced lied to me. It bothers me so much to know that someone, especially a family member, would do that knowing that I know they are lying. I was so tempted to call them out in front of the family, but I held back because I KNOW I AM A BETTER PERSON THAN THEY ARE.

Second, I have another family member that I have done entirely too much for and not only do they act like they do not appreciate, they take advantage of it. AND I AM AT MY LIMIT with this person. Again, a family member! I have given this person money, paid bills for them, given them a car and the only thing they care about are their wants and needs. I gave them a phone in my name, which is on our family share plan, and told them what options they had and how many minutes they had. I got on-line to look over my account (today started a new month) and in on day this person had already incurred extra charges on their line. Can we say RUDE! I was livid. Then I call them to tell them about it and they do not answer the phone that I pay for! Not that this is something new. Out of 25 calls to that phone I might get an answer 2-3 times. But, if I mention cutting it off, my mother has a fit and tells me not to be like that! Could someone please tell me how I am being? Because I am a little confused. See, this has happened several times and has cost me several hundreds of dollars and I do not feel like I am being mean or that I am wrong in any way. I have been nice enough to give them the phone, pay for it and pay all the overages for 2 years now.

Third, I do not understand parents who treat their children differently. I am not talking about little differences, I am talking about major differences. For example, I could not imagine buying a gift for one of my children for a holiday, anniversary or birthday and passing my other children. Nor could I imagine giving one child and their family all my attention and acting as though my other child and their family were only their when it was convenient. SORRY IF I STEP ON ANYONES TOES, BUT THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH!! If you make the decision to have more than one child, you need to make the decision to treat them the same.

OK, enough venting for the night. I am going to go to pray about all three things and go to bed and I really hope that the people I am talking about (whether they read my blog or not), I hope that God touches them and they change their ways.