Friday, November 21, 2008

Better Babies

Full house at the Glover's today! Ashley and Brittany were both out of school today. Brittany is doing a lot better but she is still considered contagious so I kept her home again and Ashley was running a little bit of a fever today so she stay home as well.

Alexis is back to 100% again and is made up for lost time playing today. She played and played and played this morning. I think she took out every took she owed to play with. I put Nicholas in their bedroom floor while I was going through their clothes and she got in the floor with him and they had a blast playing together. Nicholas is mezmorized by Alexis. He watches her and laughes at her and she just adores him. I really enjoyed watching them play together this morning. I look forward to next summer when Nicholas becomes a strong walker and they can REALLY play together. They are going to be great playmates.

OK, back to the subject. By about 1:00 p.m. Ashley was feeling better and as the day went on everyone seemed to be doing better. Which is a relief for me, I was getting pretty worn out from having to deal with sick children all week. Being the clean freak that I am, I have been bleaching the counters, the bathroom and all the big toys a couple of times a day and spraying everything else with Lysol a couple of times a day. I have also stripped the beds twice this week and have washed towels and clothes everyday. This has been my attempt to contain the germs from Brittany's strep throat and impetigo and Alexis's stomach virus and so far it seems to be working!

Now if we can just get Douglas all better our house will be completely back to normal. Him being sick has been worse than all the children being sick! Men are such babies when they get sick!