Monday, October 27, 2008

Elmo Babies

I bought Alexis an Elmo TMX for her birthday and at first I questioned if she would even play with it because she had never shown any interest in Elmo until we went to my friends one day and she played with her sons for a little while. But she still never asked for one or even reached for one in the store. BUT, I found it on sale and the sale was to good to pass up. So I bought it and boy am I glad I did. Ever since she got it, she plays with it all the time. She even sleeps with it at night. Elmo is her new best friend!

Nicholas has even expressed a great interest in Elmo. Everytime Alexis is playing with Elmo he gets so excited and reaches for Elmo. He has even grabbed him when he is on our bed and pulled Elmo up to his face. He coo's and carries on with Elmo once he gets him where he wants him.