Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taco Bell Tuesday

Today from 2-6 p.m. Taca Bell is giving away a Free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco. So stop by and get yours, I plan on getting mine.

For more details you can check out this site: http://www.tacobell.com/stealabasestealataco/

Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Things Taken for Granted

We went to eat at CiCi's Pizza on Saturday and when we walked in two women and 2 little boys walked in behind us. At first they did not stand out to me because I was paying more attention to Nicholas. When I turned around to pull my wallet out of the diaper bag I noticed that the younger woman was holding on to a dog. She was blind and this was her seeing eye dog. I turned back around and placed our order and then went on my way to a table.

They ended up sitting at the table behind us and since I was sitting facing her, I saw somethings that made me think just how lucky I am. There she was, in a restaurant with her two boys and her mother (the grandmother fixed the plates from the bar), helping the boys with their food and eating herself. I was extremely impressed with he ability to do all the things that on a daily basis most people do not evey think about like cutting up food.

It made me realize just how lucky I am and how small some the problems I have really are!

Here is a picture that I took of her and her family.

Elmo Babies

I bought Alexis an Elmo TMX for her birthday and at first I questioned if she would even play with it because she had never shown any interest in Elmo until we went to my friends one day and she played with her sons for a little while. But she still never asked for one or even reached for one in the store. BUT, I found it on sale and the sale was to good to pass up. So I bought it and boy am I glad I did. Ever since she got it, she plays with it all the time. She even sleeps with it at night. Elmo is her new best friend!

Nicholas has even expressed a great interest in Elmo. Everytime Alexis is playing with Elmo he gets so excited and reaches for Elmo. He has even grabbed him when he is on our bed and pulled Elmo up to his face. He coo's and carries on with Elmo once he gets him where he wants him.

For all the other Coffee Junkies like myself, I thought you might enjoy a free sample from Dunkin Donuts:

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Random Pictures

Just a few random pictures of the Munchins!

Random Pictures from the Week

I have been carring my camera around with me to take pictures everywhere we go, so here are some of the pictures. Unfortunately Nicholas has had an ear infection this week and has not been very photo happy so that is why there are more of Alexis outside than Nicholas.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Night On The Town

Alexis wanted to go to dinner with my mother and her man friend and his family the other night. So, I let her go because his neice is 3 and she and Alexis love to play together and since Hailey was going to be there, I figured they could entertain each other.

Here is Alexis before she left and Nicholas as we were leaving to go and run errands while Alexis was gone.

6 Month Check Up and Shots

I took Nicholas for his 6 month check up and his shots yesterday and I swear, I am such a baby. He took it like a man and I stood there all teary eyed just from watching then give the shots to him. Funny, 33 years old and I was the baby!

My little man is now 21 pounds and 10 ounces! He has grown so fast. I cannot get over how quickly little ones grow and how many changes they go thru in the first couple of months.

At A Loss For Words

I always try to find the best in people and try to do the right thing and as much as I hate to say it, I have gotten burned the past few times.


FIRST, I do not understand people acting as though that can talk to complete strangers like they are dogs (hollaring and cursing) and doing so in what is suppose to be a family restaurant and doing it in front of their own children. Where do these people come from, who do they think they are and what kind of example are they setting for their children? I really do not care how some one talks to me anymore, but when I hear someone talking badly to or around children it makes my blood boil!

SECOND, I will never understand how someone you have done so much for and have always been there for can treat you like you are the most horrible person in the world. One of Brittanys friends has a horrible life and I have always felt sorry for her. SO I have made it a point to always be there for her and have ran back and forth to get her when things have gotten completely out of control with her family. I even pay for a cell phone for her to have so that she can get in touch with me if she needed to. I have taken her on our family vacations, etc. And she talked to me horribly today.

Someone please explain to me where these people come from! I was raised that you appreciate it when people do nice things for you and you respect your elders. I guess this new generation has been raised by parents that don't care, have drug and or drinking problems and parents who are more worried about running around with their girlfriends and boysfriends!

OK, enough rambling for me about this subject. I just needed to get all of this off my chest.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nicholas Having High Chair Playtime

I use my high chair for a lot of things, not just eating! Since Nicholas still does not sit unsupported, I put him in his high chair to play with his toys. I tried the couch, but he falls over and pillows just move when he falls over. So I got the idea to try the highchair one day and he loved it. And since he likes it so much and the high chair has a 5 point harness, I feel safe with him in it more than I did the couch (where he could roll off).

I put him in it when I shower, cook and when I am doing house cleaning. He gets to play and mommy can get some things done without having to constantly be worried about him ending up in the floor. The high chair has wheels on it so I just pull him around the downstairs with me!

New Toy In The House

I have been thinking about getting a Little Tykes Desk for Alexis and Nicholas but had put it on the back burner because of Christmas coming up and the fact that they are getting so much already. BUT, I found the desk that I wanted at a local consignment shop (Sweet Peas) the other day and left without it. The more and more I thought about it, I could not pass up getting for them for the price they had on it. SO I decided to stop by today and offer her $30 for it (she was asking ($35) so it was not a huge drop in the price but I figured it covered my gas of going to get it. Anyways, she said yes and we have a desk at the house for the children. Alexis loves it! She had to play on it, eat snack on it and eat her dinner on the desk. Hopefully both Alexis and Nicholas will get a lot of use out of it.

It is currently sitting in my kitchen, which I am not very fond of, but it will have to do until we get the garage closed in and the children in their new room (which is twice the size of their current bedroom!).

Pumpkin Patch Trip

We decided to visit the Pattersons Farms for out pumpkins this year. I thought it would be fun for the kids to pick their own pumpkins. We ended up with 4 pumpkins, several bunches of fall corn and a half dozen or so gourds. And Alexis had a blast! Nicholas did not really understand any of what we were doing but seemed to enjoy being outside!

Alexis's Toy Box Playtime

Most children are pulling everything out of their toy chests, but no my little angel. She sits on top of it and plays with a couple of her toys. Would you believe that she even cleans up her messes after she finishes playing!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tag, I'm It

I have been tagged by my friend Sarah and must share 6 things about myself. So here we go:

  • I got pregnant on graduation night with my daughter Brittany. A baby having a baby, but 15 years later we are doing great. I thought my life was over. Little did I know - IT WAS JUST BEGINNING. Having Brittany was one of the three things I did to define my life. You could say, we grew up together. Even though I think she grew up more than I did at times. Ha Ha Ha!

  • I love brussell Sprouts and have since I was a little girl. My brother and I still fight over them at the dinner table! They are one of my favorite things to eat, that and rutabagas.
  • I moved to NC when I was 15 because my father got into a HUGE amount of trouble with the Feds. I felt like my life was ruinned but I tried to make the best of it. I went from living the high life with a parent who had tons of money, having a bedroom that most adults for kill for (much less a 15 year old), driving a brand new candy apple red 944 Porchse (might now seem like much now, but back then it was an awesome car) and attending one of the best private schools to living in a little 3 bedroom rancher home and sharing a room with my 5 year old step sister, my mother driving a mini van and having to go to school at South Rowan (the name should speak for itself). What a lifestyle change!

  • I still know every word to the song "For the Love of Money" (Sarah you should remember this song, we listened to it enough). And it is one of the dumbest songs ever made! But I loved it and we played it over and over and over. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63kRUCWstCo
  • When I was around 3-4 years old I met everyone at the door of our house and asked them "Do you know the lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior" and if they said "No", I would pull out my bible and sit down with them, read to them from my bible and kept them there until they were ready to be saved if for no other reason but to get me to shut up.
  • I was a vegetarian for almost 6 years. After finding out how animals are mistreated and how brutually they are slaughtered, I could not bring myself to eat meat. UNTIL one night, about a week before the Super Bowl Game. A hot wing commercial came on and I could not help myself, I called and ordered 100 extra spicy wings. AND I ATE THEM ALL! Then a week later I went out and ordered the biggest steak on the menu. From that point forward, no more vegetarian days for me.

I'm supposed to tag 6 people for this one so I am tagging: Robin, Tanya, Jenny, Rita, Traci and Aunt Debbie.

Here are the rules for the tag: Link http://mostlybassackwards.blogspot.com/ who tagged you.Post the rules on the blog.Write six random things about yourselfTag six people @ the end of your post.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alexis's 2nd Birthday Pics

Meredith's Wedding Day