Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crazy Days, Crazy Moments

It has been a little more than a week since I last posted a blog, I have been running around in so many directions that getting on the computer at night has just seemed like more of a chore than something that I would enjoy doing. I have actually enjoyed going to bed and trying to get some rest.

Alexis turned 2 last Wednesday and I feel like I have run myself ragged trying to get ready for her party. Even with a low key party plan we ended up with 41 people. We were planning on 40-45 so I bought enough food to feed an army! So if you are in the area and are craving a hot dog, I know where you can get one (HA HA HA).

Alexis's party turned out great and she got everything and more that she could have wanted. Now mommy just has to find a place to put all of it, and just think about this...Christmas is only 3 months away MORE STUFF! We need a play room for the kids!! By the way, THANK YOU to everyone who came to the party and THANK YOU for all the wonderful gifts that you bought her!

Here are a couple of picture, I will post more later (need to upload from my camera). Oh, if you took pictures at the party, please email them to me or burn them on a disc and mail it to me. I would love to keep a copy of all the pictures on a disk in her baby book.