Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tag From Sarah

1. Where is your cell phone? right beside me on the bed
2. Your significant other? at work
3. Your hair? short and red
4. Your mother? stubborn, irreplaceable, and absolutely wonderful - all at the same time
5. Your father? in need of help
6. Your favorite thing? my family
7. Your dream last night? didn't dream
8. Your favorite drink? coke
9. Your dream/goal? that my kids get as much joy out of life and living, as they give me each day ( i have to agree with sarah on this one)
10. The room you’re in? my bedroom
11. Your church? we visit
12. Your fear? something happening to one of my children
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alaska
14. Where were you last night? at home
15. What you’re not? selfish
16. Muffins? yes please, blueberry that is
7. One of your wish list items? a new car, one that will not be in the shop a million times!
18. Where you grew up? Virigina & North Carolina
19. The last thing you did? fed nicholas
20. What are you wearing? PJ's
21. Your TV? it's on
22. Your pets? 3 dogs
23. Your computer? laptop - nothing spectacular
24. Your life? more exciting than i want
25. Your mood? sad
26. Missing someone? yes
27. Your car? ford 500 (piece of you know what)
28. Something you’re not wearing? bra
29. Favorite store? children's place
30. Your summer? spending time with my babies
31. Like(love) someone? absolutely
32. Your favorite color? blue
33. Last time you laughed? not sure
34. Last time you cried? today
35. Who will repost this? no one