Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Little Prince & Princess

Everyday is amazing to me how much each of my babies grow and change and so wonderful how quickly both Alexis and Nicholas are learning new things. They change so much each day and I am blessed to be able to be home and see these changes.

Alexis is getting such a strong vocabulary that it just blows my mind and she is at a point where you can actually have a short conversation with her because she understands what you are asking her. For example, she was helping her Nana clean up her dinner mess the other night and I told her how good of a job she was doing and she looked at me and said "yeah, Lexi is a big girl now" and I told her "yes you are, you help Nana so good" then she looked at me and said "not really, Nana did more, Lexi just helped". I was stunned when she first said that. I could not believe the way that she really understood what was happening and was able to voice how she felt about it. It is just amazing to watch a toddler become a child and develop so much personality in such a short time.

Nicholas has also been moving along rather quickly! Everyday he does something new or notices something new and to see the expressions on his face when he does is priceless! He has finally outgrown his colic stage and is such a happy baby now. He loves to sit up, watch TV, interact with Alexis and of course he loves any attention from the adults! He will sit on the couch and watch Alexis play with her toys and he gets so excited. I declare, if he could crawl right now Alexis would be in trouble. He just looks like he could jump off the couch to get to her and those toys! I cannot wait for the upcoming months and watching how they grow and play together. Alexis already wants to play with him so bad she cannot stand it. She is constantly crawling on the couch and sitting beside him with some of his toys and trying to get him to play with her. It is so cute because he just watches her, laughes at her and seems to try and play with her.

I thank God that all my children interact well with each other. I was really nervous that Alexis would be jealous of Nicholas, and she is anything but jealous. She always wants to help me feed him, change his diapers, get him dressed, etc. She begs for me to put him in her lap and let her hold him and when I do she gives him kisses on top of kisses. When he smiles at her she lights up and tells me "him smile at me mommy, him smile at me" then she tells me "him loves me mommy". And the entire time she is saying it, she is grinning from ear to ear and on cloud 9!

Brittany, she thinks both of them are hers, not her brother and sister. She loves them so much and always wants to help me with them. She has been a little leary of Nicholas because of him being so small, but she is starting to feel less nervous about handling him. She wants Alexis to start sleeping in her room with her some. So this weekend Jaime, Brittany's best friend, is staying with us and we have decided to let Alexis spend one night with the girls. I am curious as to how this will go. Alexis loves Brittany and Jaime so much I think she will eat this up!