Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School for Brittany

Well, Brittany started back to school on Monday and she LOVES being at South Rowan instead of Carson! Which I do have to say, I went in and met the new principal, all her teachers, the guidance staff and office staff and I was EXTREMELY impressed with all of them. I believe she has the BEST teachers this year that she has ever had. Each year she has had at least one teach that stood out, but this year they are all great (each one has something that really stands out about them). I am also happy with her course load and the way that is has been broken up. The way that the students have classes now is so different from when I was in high school, they take 4 classes the 1st semester and then 4 different classes the 2nd semester. This gives them the opporutnity to take more classes each year and less classes to focus on at one time.
Anyway, Brittany's 1st semester is broke up like this:
1st period - Tech Math I
2nd period - Theater Arts II
3rd period - English
4th period - Food & Nutrition
so she has 2 core classes this semester and she has a break between them with an elective class and her elective classes are exactally what she wanted!
Her 2nd semester is broke up like this:
1st period - Tech Math II
2nd period - Civics
3rd period - Biology
4th period - Digital Communications
so once again she has a harder class, then an easier class, then a harder class and an easier class to end the day. She is also at school with her uncle, Brandon and her best friend, Jaime. And even though she does not have any classes with either of them, all their classes are on the same halls at the same time so they see each other between class. Given Brittany's self esteem issues and depression issues over the summer, I am very grateful for her awesome schedule and wonderful teachers and also her ability to see Brandon and Jaime thru out the day, but at the same time them not be in her classes to distract her.

Brittany has also signed up to be in the Drama Club and (Sarah you will appreciate this) she has signed up to be an Explorer with the Landis Police Department. Sarah and I were both Explorer's with the Rowan County Sheriff Department when we were in high school and had some pretty great times in the program. So I was excited when Brittany told me that she wanted to do this.

To wrap things up, I believe we have started off the year on a good foot, I am believing in God that we will remain on that same good foot and that this year will be the best Brittany has had since elementary school. We have started praying together every morning before she gets out of the car and asking God to bless each of our days and to watch over Brittany that day in school and to help her to make the right decisions, etc. and I believe this is going to be a huge factor in both of our time this year. They may have taken prayer out of the schools, but they cannot stop me from praying in the car, on school grounds and asking God to watch over my baby and the rest of the school each morning! Maybe if more parents would pick up on this same idea we could fight the demons off the property each day and keep bring God back into the school each day!