Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise

This has been a pretty crazy week for our household! After coming home from Boone, getting unpacked and settled, we went thru everyone being sick again then my lovely car left us sitting on the side of the road again. So we are recovering and carless. But at least I have three of the most beautiful children with the best dispositions.

You would think that with all the bad things that have happened to our family and friends over the past week they would be down and out, instead when we all pilled in Doug's truck after the car giving out (AGAIN), Brittany looked as us and said "At least we have each other, even if we have nothing else." That meant a lot to me to hear my child say that. So many children today are worried about designer labels, Ipods, etc. (and yes, Brittany likes these things, but she is more happy just having her family). It made me reconsider crying my eyes out from frustration and instead made me thank God for giving her those words just when I needed them. Of course Alexis and Nicholas are still to young to realize a bad day, but somehow Alexis has a way of giving me a hug and kiss just when mommy needs them the most. THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME THESE LITTLE BLESSINGS!