Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This week we have had several accomplishments for our family and as Mom, I am very proud of each of my babiess!

Brittany got her progress report and after having a lot of trouble last quarter in her Parenting & Childhood class, she brought her grade from an F to a high C. I am VERY proud of her, even though she should have never let her grade get that low in the first place, she maintained all her other grade and improved in this class drastically! You go girl! At this rate, by report card time she will have at least a B!

Alexis had been showing some interest in using the potty like a big girl but it was a hit and miss. This week she has asked to go to the potty several times each day and has actually used it! She has also learned a new song "Jesus Loves Me". She walks around the house singing it over and over and over! Her vocabulary grows so much each day that it is almost frightening. My baby will not be a baby for to much longer!

Nicholas has started sleeping 4 1/2 hour spans when he first goes to sleep at night. This might not seem like a lot to most of you, but after going thru the every 2 1/3 to 3 hour spans for the past 2 weeks, 4 1/2 hours is music to my ears! That means more sleep for Mommy!

We are having family pictures made this weekend and I will post them as soon after as possible, so check back the first of next week to see new pictures of all the children and our first ever FAMILY PICTURE (and yes, that means Doug will actually be in the picture as well).

Finding Our Groove

It has been three weeks since Nicholas was born and things around our house have been pretty crazy to say the least. Sleep has become a treat, not a necessity. Between Nicholas, Alexis, Brittany, Yaya and Doug, I am lucky to get a 2 minute bathroom break. BUT things are finally starting to fall into place and I am finding what works for my family and myself. I even found time to take a 1 hour nap yesterday YEAH!! That was a much needed break and I enjoyed every second of it. I have realized that the dishes do not need to be done immediately, if both little ones are asleep, SLEEP WITH THEM and do the dishes later.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Naptime at Home

We came home for a little while this afternoon so that I could get some laundry done and wash some dishes and within minutes all my babies were either asleep or kicked back relaxing. I wish naptime came so easy for Mommy.

It has been two weeks since Nicholas was born and let me tell you, sleep is something I know nothing about! If Nicholas is not up, Alexis is. Thank the Lord this only lasts for a short time.