Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rough Couple Nights, Rough Day

Alexis has not slept good for the past 2 nights and I knew something was wrong. We already had an 18 month check-up scheduled for today so I told the doctor about her being congested and having a running nose for the past 2 days. They checked her and come to find out, the ear infection that she got a couple of weeks ago still was not gone. The Amoxcillan did not knock it out like it was suppose to, so they put her on Augmenten. She was not running a fever so they decided to go ahead and give her the shots that she was scheduled to get. Needless to say 1 antibiotic, 1 rash cream and 3 shots later, Alexis was not a happy child.

Brittany saw the doctor today as well. They had to take so much blood and had a hard time hitting a vein. I really think the first girl who tried did not know what she was doing because she dug and twisted the needle around in Brittany's hand until Brittany was crying like a baby! The next nurse moved to her other hand and got it right away.

I wish I could have gotten the shots and given the blood for them! Even as much as I hate needles, I hated seeing my babies in pain! I am sure that all Mom's know what I am talking about.

This evening, Brittany and Alexis just wanted to sleep. They both took a 2 hour nap. I guess everything they went thru wore them out!