Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hawks 93 at Bobcats 108

Last night Brittany, Jessica, Kristina and myself all went to the Charlotte Bobcats vs. Atlanta Hawks game and it was an adventure to say the least! We had pre-paid parking in the Bank of America Plaza (now known as the Omini Hotel Parking Lot) so we went all around Trade and College looking for the Bank of America Plaza Parking and after 30 minutes of wasting time trying to find it, some finally told us about the name change. So we got into the game just after it started. BUT - the seats we had were AWESOME. We were right on the court and could see everything. They had waiters and waitress's serving our section so you did not have leave your seat, unless you needed a bathroom break!
Anyways, when we first got their the Bobcats were down by about 8 points, but they came back quick! Had it not been for all the personal fouls, the final score would have been tremendously different.
Everything was great until the drive home. We got just out of down town and I hit a pot hole and busted a tire. Luckily we were only a block away from a well lite gas station! We got out and I checked the tire and started getting the spare out. You would think a pregnant woman and 3 teenage girls trying to change a tire would spark something in at least 1 of the many men that pulled thru the gas station, BUT IT DIDN'T. I cannot believe how little humanity still exists in this world! Finally Jessica walked over to a young guy and asked him to help and he surprisingly came over and in no time we were back on the road heading home.
Sometimes I think bad luck is the only luck that ever knocks on my door. But at least the girls had a good time at the game!